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This guide will offer the basic general knowledge that you should have in order to operate any vehicle within squad.


As a driver, it is important to know how the vehicle operates in different terrain, and to know the strength and weaknesses of where to drive from.

Commanding The Vehicle

As a driver you need to plan routes from where to pass safely. Keeping the vehicle safe is always your number one priority, therefore do not take unnecessary risks and expose the vehicle to the enemy if you do not need to. During combat, it is imperative that you listen to the gunner's orders and only take over to fall back in the face of an imminent threat that will take out your vehicle.

Hull Down

Hull down is a tactic used where you find a dip in the terrain where you can hide the hull of the vehicle as much as possible while only exposing the gun to the enemy. Be aware that even if you cannot see the enemy from your sights, it does not automatically mean that the gunner cant shoot. The gunner has a higher position and will always be able to see higher so you can hide behind walls with only the turret showing.

Gun Depression

As a driver it is important to learn the guns on the vehicle you are operating as well because of gun depression. The guns on the vehicles have a maximum up or down limit on the turret, so its not just important to stop in a random position, but it is also important to learn on where to stop in order for the gunner to shoot.


As a gunner, your job consists of multiple tasks that you need to master in order to keep your vehicle safe and to also achieve the objective set out by the game commander.


Combat vehicles will generally all have zoom capabilities at long range engagements. You will also generally be located in a high position to get the full advantage of your long range weapon. This will mean that you will be able to see a long way in any direction and will able to pass along information on enemy movements to the squad leader/commander.

Commanding The Vehicle

As a gunner, during combat you will automatically take command of the vehicle and the driver needs to listen to the orders given. This is so that you can quickly adjust the vehicle positioning without having the driver questioning you and slowing down the process.

Engaging The Enemy

It is important to know all of the armaments of your vehicle, namely how many rounds you have loaded, how long it takes to overheat, how many rounds it takes to finish off enemy vehicles and the gun depression and drop of the bullet over range. Control the fire rate so that you do not waste ammo and master your weapon over long ranges as that will be the main distance of engagement for vehicles.