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This is a guide for everyone to get familiar with the mechanics of Squad. This guide needs to be read and studied in order to be eligible to take the first academy course available basic infantry course.


Check the following link link for factions and their uniforms. Due to patches coming regularly there might be some outdated information.

Vehicle Claiming System

The squad vehicle claiming system in its first iteration will function primarily as a way to strengthen the role of the Squad Leader and eliminate the ability of players to go rambo and take a vehicle without any responsibility for its usage. The system is entirely passive but also considered an advanced system.
Only SL will interact and be notified as to the claim states. Only a Squad leader may claim a vehicle. The SL claims the vehicle by attempting to enter the vehicle or by approving a vehicle claim on his minimap made by members of his Squad. He/she will get one of several messages depending on the vehicles current claim condition.

  • "Radio your squad leader for a vehicle approve claim." - You are not an SL.. Nice try!
  • "You must have the Squad Leader role to claim a vehicle." - Go get an SL kit
  • "Must have at least 2 members in your Squad to claim vehicles." 2 members - 1 vehicle can be claimed; 4 members - 2 vehicles can be claimed; 6 members - 3 vehicles can be claimed
  • "Must have at least 1 squad members nearby to claim a vehicle." Much like our FOB and Rally Point systems you need to have your Squad with you to claim a vehicle. (1 additional member) Vehicles can also be approved for claim by approval on the minimap by a Squad Leader
  • Vehicle can also be approved by a keybind.
  • "Unable to enter due to another Squad's claim on this vehicle." This vehicle is already claimed. Please try a different vehicle or radio for a ride.
  • "Vehicle Claimed." - Great Job! Your Squad can now enter the vehicle and have a happy battle!

In addition, a squad leader can claim a vehicle by approving a claim made by his Squad members. If 1 squad member is near an unclaimed vehicle and the Squad has claimed slots available they can request a claim by attempting to enter the vehicle. They will be notified to Radio their Squad Leader for approval. Squad leaders can open their minimaps and approve the claim. (provided they have a claim slot available)

Active VS Passive claims and how it affects your Squad. The system maintains a chain of possession of claimed vehicles through Active Claims (You have a squad member actually in the vehicle) and Passive Claims(Your squad claimed and used the vehicle but currently have no members of your squad occupying a vehicle seat) Active Claims always give you complete control over the vehicle seats and the driver position. Players not in your squad cannot enter the driver seat of your actively claimed vehicle (but they can enter the other seats). In order to maintain an active claim you must have a squad member somewhere in the vehicle. Any member of the squad who has claimed the vehicle is able to forcibly switch seat with a team member whom is NOT in your squad (by holding the F1 to F12 key). Passive Claims are maintained even when the vehicle is not manned. Your Squad members can enter and exit the vehicle freely and the driver seat will still remain locked to the owning Squad. However, an empty vehicle can be claimed by another Squad Leader provided he has the ability to do so.

Vehicle Seat Switching

You can switch seats using F1,F2,F3,F4....


Game Modes

You can see below the map layouts for the different game modes

* Fire range


* INS (Insurgency)]

* Conquest

* Invasion

* Skirmish

Fire range
AAS mode

Ticket Mechanics

In the scoreboard you can see the ticket counter. At the start of the match each team starts with a set amount of tickets, the number of tickets depends on the map and game server's settings. Ticket loss occurs for a team as following:

  • Player goes into incapacitated state: no ticket loss;
  • Player death/giving up: -1 (only this ticket can be prevented if player is revived);
  • Suicide/giving up: -1;
  • Captured Control Point: +14,16,20,26 (applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Control Point: -28,32,40,52 (applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Forward Operating Base: -20;
  • Cache destroyed: +10 for BLUFOR forces (game mode Insurgency only);
  • Vehicles destroyed: 1-28 tickets depending on the specific vehicle;
  • Ticket Bleed: Owning more Flags than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty; the more CPs owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs (applies to game mode Advance and Secure).

Important: Please note that none of these numbers are set in stone and the devs are constantly refining and fine-tuning them to improve balancing and gameplay.

In every game mode a team loses as soon as they hit 0 tickets. You cannot see the opposite team's ticket count – you only see your own ticket count. If the timer runs out, the team with the most tickets wins. These are the tickets loss and gain based on number of flags.

1.1 Ticket bleed

Bleed 3 & 4 Flag Layer 3 tickets per 1 minute

  • Example: 2 of the enemy's flags = 6 tickets a minute.

5 & 6 Flag Layer 2 tickets per 1 minute

  • Example: 3 of the enemy's flags = 6 tickets a minute.

Time to cap a flag from neutral to your team connected to Main is 60 seconds and for other flags it is 120 seconds. To neutralise an enemy flag the same timings are applicable.

The minimum number of players to cap a neutral flag is 1, but the minimum number of players to cap an enemy flag is 3.

1.2 Vehicle ticket system

You can see the ticket count per vehicle presented in the 2 images below

Veichles 1.jpg
Veichles 2.jpg

Rally Points

Rally Points (RPs) are squad-specific spawn points. Each squad can have one rally point to spawn on. Other team members cannot spawn on another squad's RP. Spawn times on RPs are longer than on Forward Operating Base (FOB). The purpose of RPs are to bring the squad back together after a firefight or to provide a spawn for players that just joined - they are not intended as permanent Spawn Points. The RP is placed by the squad leader by pressing T and selecting "Rally Point". The spawn time on a RP is 90 [s]. The SL cannot deploy a RP alone, in order to place a RP one additional squad member is needed within 8 [m] to the SL (a team member cannot help with this). If the SL hasn’t chosen the Squad Leader/Cell Leader/Group Leader role, he can still place a RP, but he will need three additional squad members in his vicinity. If enemies are within a 50 [m] radius, the RP cannot be placed. Once placed, the RP is represented in-game by a heap of backpacks.

The RP is destroyed and disappears if enemies are nearby. There can be only one RP for one squad – as soon as you place another RP, the previous RP will disappear. There is a cooldown timer of about 2.5 minutes (2 minutes if placed too close to enemies) after you place a RP (cooldown timer is reset to zero if the SL respawns). There are only 9 spawns available per RP, it will disappear when all spawns are used.

The rallypoints of all the sides

Spawns left.jpg On the map the RP shows the squad number of the squad who placed it. You can only spawn on the green RP of your own squad (other squad's RP appear in blue). If you mouse-over a RP, you will see the number of remaining spawns. Make sure to place a new Rally Point when this counter runs low. Team members should point this out to the Squad Leader if he does not notice so he can act on it.


Forward Operating Base (FOB) is the selective spawn point, where the entire team can spawn, however, the team spawns on the HAB. The HAB can be placed within a 150 meters radius from the FOB, if the HAB gets taken down the team cannot respawn until the HAB is placed and built.

A HAB from the Usa and the Russian team takes 400 build points, a HAB from the militia team takes 300 build points and on the insurgency team it takes 300 points. Deployables can only be placed inside the range of a FOB. Spawn times on FOBs are 60 [s] while a rally is 90 [s] but a FOB spawn timer can increase up to a maximum of 120 seconds due to enemies in the vicinity.

FOBs are placed by the Squad Leader, but the SL cannot deploy a FOB alone – he needs two additional team members within 5-10m to place a FOB. You cannot place a new FOB within 400 meters of another friendly FOB. In-game the FOB is represented by a radio.


Any team member from any squad can assist the SL in placing an FOB. Use local voice chat to call over nearby team members.

The FOB is taken down by the opposing team the same way a control point is taken down. For this, two or more players from the opposing team need to stand within a 25 [m] radius of the FOB to start taking it down. The spawn timer on the FOB will increase by 10 [s] per enemy that enters the 25 [m] radius. When the FOB has reached 80% health it will no longer be spawnable, and will have to be cleared of enemies before it can be active again. If the FOB bar reaches zero, the FOB will disappear.

When a team loses an FOB, it also loses 20 tickets.

You can accelerate the take down process by de-shovelling the enemy radio/hideout (Right-Mouse-Button with shovel selected).

  • An FOB can hold a total of 2000 Supplies and 2000 Ammo.
  • Bringing a loaded logistics truck to a Forward Operating Base and unloading supplies or ammo near the FOB radio will deposit supply points and ammo points to the base.
    • Ammo or construction points can be loaded in per 100s.
    • Logistic trucks can carry 2000 total supplies.
    • Logistic technicals can carry 1000 total supplies.

1.1 Different HAB`s of different factions


Health management & Stamina

Health management is an important part of Squad and the Medic plays a vital role in this. Every player your revive, is one ticket kept for your team. Every wounded player brought back to full health, will stay in the fight longer than a low health player. Not only will a dead player have to wait until he can respawn, he also has to come all the way back to its squad first to bring it back to full fighting strength. All of this combined will make the difference between winning and losing a fight, and at the end of the day, an entire match.

The health condition of a player can go through the following states:

  • Healthy – unwounded;
  • Wounded – reduced health due to falling or weapon damage. When you are wounded, your vision deteriorates (screen darkens). Only medics can heal your wounds. Medics can also heal themselves. Massive damage can immediately lead to the incapacitated state or death;
  • Bleeding – when you have less than 75% of health and take more than 20% damage, you will start bleeding. When bleeding, your vision will increasingly deteriorate (screen darkens) and you will hear your heart beat. You are losing health at -5 HP per second. Bleeding out will eventually lead to the incapacitated state. Bleeding is stopped by the application of a field dressing. This can be done by yourself, others (non-medics) or medic;
  • Incapacitated – either through damage or bleeding out, your player reached the incapacitated state. When going into this state, your player will scream out in agony – this is heard by other players, including the opposing team. You are unable to move and your screen is very dark and fixed into one direction, however you can still talk to the radio or in local voice to direct a nearby medic to your location. Only a medic can revive you. Other players see your character on the ground moving in a simple animation. You have the choice to wait until you are revived or give up and respawn. To give up, go to the spawn screen and press "GIVE UP" at the bottom of the map. If you remain in the incapacitated state, you will die eventually. Time spent in the incapacitated state will reduce the respawn timer;
  • Dead – you died, you have to respawn. When you die, your player will let out a death scream – this is heard by other players, including the opposing team.

In the squad list there is also colour coding to show you the status of your squad members. The name can be shown in the following colours:

  • White (when a player is not spawned in or dead);
  • Green (when a player is spawned in and not bleeding);
  • Yellow (when a player is spawned in and bleeding);
  • Red (when a player is spawned in and incapacitated but revivable).

Members’ name can be shown in white while in vehicles.

Wounded.jpg Medics see this icon over team players that are wounded.The inner symbols shows they need healing, the outer circle indicated their current health level. When healing is applied, the circle fills up.
Healthy.jpg The color indicates the level of health. Red being more critical, green being on the better side. When full health is restored for the other player, this icon disappears.
Healing.jpg When a player is being healed by a medic, the player will see an icon appear in the middle of his screen – it indicates that he is being treated at the moment. The color shows the current level of health.
Healed.jpg The green color appears when healing is completed. Then the icon disappears, healing is finished. You are back to full health.

  • Bandage your own wounds by holding the Right Mouse Button until you are fully patched. You can confirm this by looking at the lower right of your screen and seeing if the stance character is no longer blinking orange.
  • Bandage other players who are bleeding by selecting your field dressing, walk up to the player and apply it to him with holding the Left Mouse Button. You will hear a sound effect during bandaging.
  • As a medic, using the medic bag, you can heal your own wounds by holding the Right Mouse Button until you are fully healed or heal other players who are not bleeding by holding the Left Mouse Button while standing close to them.
Bleeding.jpg The medic will see a icon with a drop of blood on players that are either bleeding or incapacitated. The icon will flash between the drop symbol and the circle health bar that shows the current health level. You need to bandage the player until the wounded symbol appears, then continue treatment until full health is restored.
BleedingCircle.jpg |This is the circle health bar. Both the circle and the drop of blood symbol fade in and out. When the circle health bar is empty the player died and will have to respawn.

1.1 stamina bar

You will find the stamina bar on the bottom right of the screen.

The stamina bar shows the player how much stamina the player has left. The stamina bar will go down when the player is sprinting, vaulting, crawling or jumping. It will go down even faster if the player is fast crawling or fast crouching. Stamina regenerates over time by standing still, crouching or being prone. It will also regenerate while walking but at a slower speed.

Stamnia full.jpg
| This is a fully regenerated stamina bar
Stamnia 75%.jpg
| This is a stamina bar on 75% You will start to notice your weapon sway
Stamnia 50%.jpg
| 50% You will notice some medium weapon sway
Stamnia 25%.jpg
| between 25% and 0% Your weapon will sway heavily


Revive players from the incapacitated state:

  • Players that are bleeding need to be bandaged first. After being bandaged, the player is still incapacitated.
  • Then apply the medic bag with the Left-Mouse-Button. This will bring the player back from the incapacitated state to the wounded state with a low level of health. The player can now move again. You should seek cover before continuing the healing process.
  • Now heal the player back to full health with the medic bag.
  • Important: a player that has been revived will instantly die for the next two minutes when his health reaches zero again – he will not go into the incapacitated state again. After two minutes expire without being severely wounded, his health is normal again and he will go to incapacitated should he be shot again. Also with any big arms like .50 cals; if you are headshotted you will be dead instantly.
  • Tip: Even though normal players cannot revive incapacitated players, they can extend the bleed out-time by bandaging them until a medic arrives.