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This page will help you understand how movement works in Squad.


You move with the usual keys W, A, S, D. Crouch with LCTRL. Go prone with Z. You can toggle crouching in the settings under "Game Settings" (not under "Controls"!).

You can move in three different speeds:

  • When you just press W, S, A, D , you are running in normal speed;
  • When you also hold LSHIFT , you are sprinting;
  • When you hold LALT instead, you are walking slowly – this makes less noise to nearby enemies.
  • In the game setting it is also possible to check the box for `double tapp for walking`, once this is activated it is possible for the player to double tapp the `w` key and the player will continue walking without having to pres another button.


When sprinting you will use up your stamina (bottom right-hand corner of the screen). You can no longer sprint when your stamina is completely exhausted. You cannot start sprinting while your stamina is red. When running you slowly regain stamina. You regain stamina faster when you stand still, and even faster when you crouch or go prone. However, when you walk in crouch stance, you will not regain stamina.

Stamnia full.jpg
| This is a fully regenerated stamnia bar
Stamnia 75%.jpg
| This is a stamnia bar on 75%
Stamnia 50%.jpg
| 50%
Stamnia 25%.jpg
| between 25% and 0%

The jump bar works a bit different, it only has 4 stages. The first 2 jumps are exactly the same heigt, the 3rd jump is half the height and the 4th is only a tiny jump.

It takes a second or 2 before it completely regenerates. The following stages can occur:

Jump bar 1.jpg
Jump bar 2.jpg
Jump bar 3.jpg
Jump bar 4.jpg

Other movement options

Jump with SPACE . While you are crouching you cannot jump. Jumping exhausts its own stamina bar.

You can lean left and right by holding Q and E. You can toggle leaning in the settings under "Game Settings" (not under "Controls"!).