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These maps show the likely places for good and bad FOB locations on most maps. This isn't something you should take as right or wrong as each fight changes style. With that being said this is an analysis of the map usage and the most common places FOBS are found.

A few key points to keep in mind
  • You may need to setup your fob's inside the cap zone but we recommend against doing this.
  • Don't setup your FOB's on the high Grounds.
This wiki is still a work in progress

This wiki will be updated when more information becomes available to us.


Here are maps with different game modes.

RED: in this area you are going to lose your fob's very quick and easy.

YELLOW: you can setup your fob's in this area but for a short time and the enemies are mostly moving in this area.

GREEN: this area will help you to have your fob's longer than the other areas. ( it is possible that enemy find your fob's even in green zone )

BLUE:Useless area, it's to far from the objective but is good to use it for backup fob. ( just for big maps)

Fools Road

Fools road russia.jpeg
Fools road militia.jpg

Kohat Toi

Kohat militia.jpg
Kohat us.jpg


Gorodok millitia.jpg
Gorodok russia.jpg

Logar Valley

Logar militia.jpg

More maps will be added as the information becomes available...


Here is the link to the original thread on our forum. Post by Frog

Extra information

Special thx to Frog for making these and putting em up at the forum!