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Before Breaching a compound

  1. SL places a rally point at least 50 meters from the compound.
  2. SL decides where the entry point is. There can be more than one, but the risk of blue-on-blue will be greater.
  3. The Squad splits into two. One entry-group (5 pax) and one assault Group (4 pax).
  4. The Squad isolates the entry point by using smoke and/or fire.(I'll post a pic of this).
  5. The entry Group moves swiftly towards the entry point, isolates that side of the building and throws grenades.
  6. The entry Group enters in two-man stacks. (will be covered later). Their aim is to get a foothold on the inside.
  7. The Assault group with the SL and medics move directly into the compound and clear it.
  8. Outside Security (3 and 4 on the pic) is pulled in or pushed out on SL orders.

First one illustrates the positions right before entry.

Before entry.jpg

This second one should be helpful in communicating when moving in urban terrain or taking compounds.


Room Clearing


  • Never let your rifle protrude past a window or door opening. Stay well inside the room to avoid detection from further away.
  • Avoid being in a doorway unless moving through it.
  • Avoid the FFF's (Fatal Funnels of Fire)
  • Grenade is and isnt your friend

Funnel of fire.jpg

The pie principle

You cant eat a pie in one piece



Room 1.jpg

Nr. 1 has the opportunity to enter silently. This can be benificial when we've not yet had contact with the enemy, and don't expect to. Other than that, chuck grenades in there. It is okay for more than the nr 2 to throw grenades, as long as sectors are covered. If smoke is thrown, the entry should start without an intermediary, while the enemy is wondering what's coming.

Room 2.jpg

Nr 1 goes to the side he has least control of from the outside. Nr 2 goes to the opposite corner. Both should start their sweep at the centre of the room and sweep swiftly into their respective close corners. Both 1 and 2 can call for back-up by saying "Back-up left/right". That way the back-up won't move in blind.