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This page will list all of the server rules for our servers, breaking any rule will result in a warning, a kick or a ban depending upon what it is.

The following rules apply on our servers (Rules can be changed at any time and will be updated here):

TeamSpeak Rules (Public players)

  • Mature language warning!
  • If you don't like it disconnect
  • No other clan tags to be worn
  • Be respectful of [RIP] members
  • Any abuse will result in a kick or ban
  • Listen to any [RIP] members
  • English language only
  • Only use our TS server when playing on our game servers

Game Servers

General Rules

  • Play fair
  • Have fun
  • English only in server chat
  • English only in voice comms
  • Share vehicles (first come first served, wait your turn)

A warning or a kick will be given for the following

  • Bad language
  • Disrespect
  • Glitching
  • Spamming
  • Stat padding
  • Name violation (Abusive or offensive names)
  • Team killing
  • The term NOOB in any form (Includes noobtube)
  • Provocation
  • Making room for members (the following order for removal is in affect):
  • Idle players (over 5 minutes and when server not seeding)
  • Players not in squads (for games that are squad based)
  • Players with large - (negative) scores
  • Players that have had warnings
  • Other clans members

A ban will be given for the following

  • Ignoring warnings and kicks (continuing after 3 warnings and/or 2 kicks)
  • Repeated bad language
  • Language deemed socially unacceptable
  • Racism
  • Recruiting
  • Hacking
  • URL name or posting
  • Teamkilling for vehicles
  • A VAC or Game ban in last year results in a 30 day ban

Any ban can be appealed in our forums, dependant upon the reason of the ban it may be lifted.

Game Specific Rules

ArmA 3

  • do not waste assets
  • listen to your squad leaders
  • domination modes
  • use teleport to the action if available
  • only use the wreck helicopter to pick up wrecks

Arma 3 - EXILE

  • Follow server rules at all times
  • Bases cannot be built within 1500m of the zone
  • Do not build bases in a military zone. Any found will be deleted
  • Do not build bases within 1500m or block fuel stations. Any found will be deleted
  • No vehicles to be left in trader zones, on server restart they will be unlocked and any found whilst player is offline will be deleted
  • Store vehicles within the virtual garage when possible
  • No griefing or stealing inside safe zones
  • No Bambi camping
  • Disagreements in the first instance should be resolved with guns - preferably big ones. All other disputes to be reported on the Forum
  • Only contact admins for help when you have a genuine problem
  • No deliberate PVP within spawn zones


  • no vehicle whoring
  • no locked squads
  • no attacking uncappable bases, which means
  • special forces may enter to destroy equipment only
  • no other classes may enter uncappable enemy bases
  • no jets or helis attacking
  • no artillery
  • no spawn killing
  • no stealing vehicles from uncappable bases


  • Squad leaders must be active due to members spawning on them
  • No mortars on uncappable bases
  • No team vehicle intentional destruction
  • NO TKing for vehicles
  • Do not steal vehicles from enemy main base
  • No Locked/Private squads
  • No MAV riding

BF2:Project Reality

  • no single manning 2 player vehicles.
  • no locked squads
  • do not waste assets, which includes "learn to fly before using aircraft on our servers"
  • do not team switch more than once within a 5 minute period
  • no attacking uncappable bases, which means:
  • no personnel may enter an enemy uncappable base
  • no shooting weapons of any kind into an enemy uncappable base including artillery and mortars
  • no spawn killing in an uncappable base
  • do not attack aircraft until they have taken off


  • no spamming titan shields with titan AA
  • conquest maps rules
  • prefer no use of a walker or a commander before the server builds to 10 v 10 to help server seed
  • no attacking uncappable bases, which means
  • recon may enter to destroy equipment only
  • no other classes may enter uncappable enemy bases
  • no gunship or air transports attacking
  • no EMP or orbital strikes
  • no spawn killing
  • no stealing vehicles from uncappable bases


  • no attacking uncappable bases, which means
  • no going into main spawn areas
  • no helis or UAV attacking
  • no mortars
  • no spawn killing
  • no stealing vehicles from uncappable bases

CoD Series

  • Listen to the Admins
  • Blind/Excessive Wallbanging
  • Deliberate spawn camping/killing
  • Excessive camping for kills (not playing the gametype i.e. Domination) excludes snipers
  • The term NOOB in any form (Includes noobtube)
  • Clans team stacking (more than 4 from a clan, split sides evenly if teams unbalanced, no limit on max members)



  • No Locked Squads (to promote open Teamwork and Cooperation)
  • Teamwork is paramount in Squad therefore you must always:
  • Play the objectives and work as a team
  • Keep the Teams Balanced at all times
  • Squad leaders must have and use a microphone
  • Follow squad leader orders at all times
  • SLs must play the objectives. Do not sit on the uncap for too long doing nothing.
  • You must cooperate with other SLs and your team
  • You must be in a Squad. Unassigned players will be kicked to make room.
  • Follow your SL’s orders
  • Do not create a Squad with intention to leave it or to give someone else the SL role
  • Filling a Squad just to get a specific kit and then kicking the remainder of the Squad is prohibited and will result in a warning/kick.


  • Do not camp enemy main spawn points (Stay away)
  • Do not fire weapons from your main base
  • If found in a game glitch immediately suicide (console key and type “respawn”)
  • Do not fire if you are inside a wall/building/terrain glitch
  • Do not fire weapons whilst laying in water
  • Use of mines/IEDs around the enemy base is allowed as long as you dont break main protection zone


  • Do not waste assets
  • Use vehicles as intended (not as personal Taxis)
  • Dont use IFV or APCs for sake of blocking roads or as suicide vehicles
  • Return unwanted vehicles to main Base (especially supply trucks)
  • Single manning of armed vehicles is discouraged
  • Do not destroy your own vehicles
  • Do not roadblock with vehicles exits from enemy main base


  • Do not share intel to enemy

Additional [RIP] member Specific Rules

  • [RIP] must split teams 50/50 (+/- 2) at all times on our servers (¹)
  • Max 6 [RIP] members/recruits per squad including SL(²,³)
  • Making room is okay as long as not more than 6 [RIP] including SL
  • Max 39 [RIP] on one team on Friday Nights (Use #2 server)

¹ Excluding Friday nights around 18:00 UTC ( [RIP] Vs The World )
² Excluding when less than 20 players on server, example:seeding
³ Excluding when [RIP] members are completing an Academy Course