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New Recruit Set-Up Process

This page describes the process for setting up a New Recruit.

To set up a new Recruit you must first be assigned as a Training Officer TS3TO.png by the Senior Training Officer or an appropriate Command Staff member.

You must be available to take applicants that are waiting in the "New Applications Wait Here For a TO" Teamspeak (TS) channel if you are on Teamspeak. A courteous message can be sent in TS if you can not set them up straight away.

Applications Admin

  1. Check for the new recruits application in the Admin section.
  2. This is accessed from the Admin menu option under website.
  3. Once logged in select applications

This is an example of the applications screen


All New applications will appear under Fresh Meat

Precheck the Applicants Details

When you log into the Applications Admin for any new applications that have been made, these checks can be made. Having the prechecks completed prior to the applicant joining our Teamspeak will help to make the process far more efficient.

Caution: Take into consideration that many names have been used by other players and we do not want to reject applicants in error.

Pre Checks should include:


All pre-checks completed should be recorded with a note on the application system, please include your Name and a Time stamp

Application is waiting in Teamspeak

  • Ensure all pre-checks made, if they have just applied start the precheck process whilst they wait.
  • Application has to be rejected? Be open and honest to the applicant or refer to a Senior TO or Command Staff
  • Check the Applicants forum name is correct and the Date of birth is in the correct format for the system

The following image shows the Fresh Meat list:

White: Over 21 and Correct Forum name
Yellow: Issue with Application check Date format or is under 21 (Ignore this)
Orange: Under 21

Correct Forum Name

  • Applicants forum name must be the same as his Game Name as the two systems are synced together
  • If the Forum name has not been registered or is not correct the 'Forum name' on application will display RED


  • When the Forum name is correctly displayed the ROW will default to White
  • In certain cases an application can be accepted with the name they registered with as it can be changed to correct name by the Head of ITG or any member of the Command Staff

Date Of Birth Format

The correct format for the applications admin is YEAR-MONTH-DATE e.g 1983-05-27

Forum Name and Date of Birth correct?

If the application can go ahead update the comments section of the application stating when this was done and set the status to Processing.


  • Move them down to one of the rooms in the Initial Training Group Area of our Teamspeak.
Itg ts.jpg


In this example there is only the TO

What you Must Explain/Cover in your Chat

Go through and introduction to the CLAN and point out some of these key points:

  • First and foremost we are a mature multi-gaming clan
  • Everyone must show respect for members and public players at all times
  • Members are welcome to play any of the games we host
  • [RIP] Relies on Donations of which can be made through Paypal on our website
  • Donator's will be assigned as reserved slot holders were possible
  • [RIP] will always make room for Members and Recruits on our servers
  • Recruits and Members are encouraged be active on our forum to keep yourself updated on events/news
  • All Recruits and Members must be on our Teamspeak when on our game servers
  • Also Recruits and Members must ensure they wear the clan tags when on our servers
  • All Server rules and Admin rules must be upheld on all our servers at all times
  • Details of our server rules, Admin rules and Game specific rules can be found in our WIKI
  • The TO is your main point of contact for 30 days until you are made a full member
  • TO has the ability to extend recruit period IF there is lack of forum, game activity and not replying to correspondence from TO!
  • If you are unable to game for more than 2 weeks post up in the forums, to avoid being made M.I.A (missing in action)
  • If seen playing with different Tags you will be deemed as having left the clan
  • Speak about activity on forums
  • We do not allow Custom Sig's on our forums


  • If they have not already done so get them to register in the forums. This can be done from the main Website Menu:


  • Once they have registered in the Forums their Roster name line in their application will change to white
  • Add them to the New Recruits forum, this is done via your User control panel in the forums
  • From the Usergroups tab select Manage groups then Manage Users for the Recruits group




  • At the bottom of the page you will have the add uses panel ensure that you also select the Set as default group: option. If this is not done then the users name will not appear in pink in the forums


  • Once they have been added to the Recruits group they will be able to see the Recruiting office of the forum


Direct the recruit to the Recruiting office on the forums and get them to do the following:

  1. Show them where to find the Introduction to [RIP] Manual a link is in the Recruiting Office forum.
  2. Get them to post in the board Recruit Enlistment area (Instructions for posting can be found in the forum itself) The title of the post should be the Recruits name.
  3. Sign off the Post with a reply and Lock the post.
  4. Get them to post in the board Introductions to introduce yourself to the clan, the title should be the Recruits name..
  5. Post a reply to your recruits Introduction post.


  • Now add them to the Recruits group in Teamspeak. This is done by right selecting them in TS and using the Set Server Group then Recruits option:



  • In their application set the status to Processing-Accepted and add a comment to say when the application was completed and Save
  • If for any reason they or you decide that the application can not be complete then add a comment to their application to explain why and set the status to Processing-Rejected.
  • If you have not been able to complete a fundamental part of the process refer to the STO and set as Pending and add a note with your name and a date stamp.
Example: "Applicant is working nights this week. wintski 11/04"

Make them feel Welcome

  • If the Game they play has members playing at the time try your best if possible to introduce the New Recruit to them.
  • Ensure they have no questions
  • Thank them for choosing [RIP] and wish them a long service
  • Get them to add the CLAN Tags to their in game names and HAVE FUN!!!

What happens now?

The Senior Training Officer will then approve the application by assigning the Recruit Rank and Sig in the forums and deploying them into the Recruits Platoon for 30 days

Stay in contact

  • Using our forums please try and stay in contact via private messages
  • A weekly letter to the recruits of whom you set up goes along way
  • Report lack of response's to the Senior Training Officer (STO)
  • Extensions/delay to becoming a Member will be considered
  • The job finishes when the New recruits make it to Private
  • Any issues need to be reported to the STO
Example of a short PM to recruit/s:

Hi Recruits, (INSERT YOUR NAME) here, just swinging by to see how you are all getting on within RIP?

I remember what it was like when I first joined, so if there is anything I can help you with or if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask. This is what I am here for and if i don't know the answer I will find it out for you.

Don't forget we have various training and matches scheduled so sign up! We also have RIP v the World so remember to be active on these forums and say hi to the newer members!

kind regards


[RIP] Training Officer