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New Recruit Set-Up Process

This page describes the process for setting up a New Recruit. Use this page as a guide, along with the RIP website, to understand the process.

To set up a new Recruit you must first be assigned as a Recruitment Officer TS3TO.png by the ITG CO or 2IC.

You must be always be available to take applicants that are waiting in the "New Applications Wait Here For a RO" Teamspeak (TS) channel when you are on Teamspeak.

New Apps Waiting.PNG

New applicants that are waiting in Teamspeak always take priority, except for those RO's participating in competitive matches or meetings. A courteous message should be sent in TS if you can not set them up straight away. Once the applicant has been contacted, ask them to move to either "Enlistment Room 1" or "Enlistment Room 2" subchannels located under the "Initial Training Group Only" main channel. Having them move to an Enlistment Room will also let other members know the applicant has been contacted


Applications Admin

Check for the new recruits application in the Applications section. This is accessed from the "Admin" option at the top of any RIP website page.


This is an example of the Applications Admin screen:



All New applications will appear under Cannon Fodder

Precheck the Applicants Details

When you log into the Applications Admin for any new applications that have been submitted, prechecks of their Steam profile and email address can be made. Having the prechecks completed prior to the applicant joining our Teamspeak will help to make the enlistment process far more efficient.

The Background Check Wiki page will show you in detail how to do a proper background check. All steps must be checked before an application can be determined accepted or rejected

Caution: Take into consideration that many names have been used by other players and we do not want to reject applicants in error. Always go by the 17 digit Steam64 ID

Pre Checks should include:

  • Checking Applicants SteamID64 at and We do not accept VAC bans at all.
  • Checking the Applicants Steam Profile. Make sure it is free of any objectionable content such as racial, homophobic, sexist and anti-Semitic slurs or artwork. Also check Steam groups, friends Reviews and comments for the same content. If a Profile is set to Private, you must wait until Applicant appears in Teamspeak and have them open the page for review.
  • DO NOT set unsuccessful applicants to 'rejected' on the drop down menu until the applicant has been spoken to in Teamspeak and their information has been added to the Rejection Pile on the forums.


All pre-checks completed should be recorded with a note on the application and either Accept or Reject posted there. Please include your Name and the date. Refer to a Senior RO or ITG Commander/2IC for advice or a decision if you are in question.


Applicant is waiting in Teamspeak

  • Select the potential recruit's application from the Cannon Fodder list
  • Ensure all pre-checks on the application have been made and if the applicant has been Accepted or Rejected. If they have just applied prior to entering Teamspeak, start the precheck process whilst they wait, or ask them to return later on.
  • Application has to be rejected? Be open and honest with the applicant as to why (reason should be listed in application notes), or refer to a Senior Recruitment Officer (SRO),the ITG commander or ITG 2IC.
  • Ensure the Applicants forum name is correct. If not, the forum name will appear in RED (see Correct Forum Name below). You can change it yourself before accepting the application or contact the ITG CO or 2IC.

Correct Forum Name

  • Applicants forum name must be the same as his/her Game Name as the two systems are synced together. Once enlisted, the applicants Teamspeak and Discord names should also match their game and forum name for member identification purposes.
  • If the Forum name has not been registered, is not the same Forum name as on the application or does not match the Game name, the entry will display Red. (See image below)


  • When the Forum name is correctly displayed the ROW will default to White.
  • In certain cases an application can be accepted with the name they registered with as it can later be changed to correct name by the Head of ITG, ITG 2IC or any member of the Command Staff after accepting

Ready to Enlist New Recruit

If the application is acceptable and you are ready to start the enlistment process on Teamspeak, select yourself in the "Assigned To" list, set the status to Processing and click 'Save'.


  • Move them down to one of the Enlistment rooms in the Initial Training Group Area of our Teamspeak and begin Your Recruitment Talk with them. A detailed explanation of The Recruitment Talk can be found HERE


Add Recruit to Forums and Recruits Roster

  • To add your new recruit to the Recruits forum/roster, so they can view more of the website, click the Forum link at the top of any RIP website page.


  • Once in RIP forums, click the Private Messages link. This will take you to the User Control Panel:


Next, select the Usergroups tab:


In Usergroups, click Manage groups on the left:


  • Under Manage groups, find "Recruits" and click Manage Users to the right of it:

  • At the bottom of the page you will have the Add users panel. Add the recruits registered forum name EXACTLY as as written, and ensure that you also select YES on the Set as default group: option. If this is not done then the user will not be added to the Recruits group within the forums.


  • Once they have been added to the Recruits group they will be able to see the Recruiting office section in the Board Index page of the forum


Give Your Recruit a Forum Tutorial

  • Before your Recruit has made the necessary forum posts (i.e. Recruit Enlistment and Introduction), give a brief tutorial of how to quickly navigate key areas of the website. By giving them a quick tutorial of the website and its forums, you can be sure your Recruit will be informed of the latest RIP rules, news and events.

First show your recruit the Forum link on the top of any web page:

  • On the forum Board Index page, direct the Recruit to the New Posts and Unread Posts links located in the Quick Links drop down menu. These links will take Recruits to the latest posts as well as older posts they have not yet viewed.

  • Show your recruit where to find the PM's you will send them weekly

  • Next, direct your recruit to the Rules directory on the top navigation bar of the website and BRIEFLY review the Clan and Server rules with them. You do not have to read each rule to them. Simply show them what rules there are and let them know they are responsible knowing them.

  • Finally, show your Recruit the Roster link located under the Pages heading at the top of any webpage.

  • Finally, show them the Recruits Roster as well as their Main Game Roster (Squad as an example here). Again, you do not have to go through each roster with them. You are merely showing them where the information is. It is up to the recruit to learn to navigate the website

Recruitment Posts

Direct the Recruit to the Recruiting office section on the Board Index page of the forums and get them to do the following:


  1. Show them where to find the Introduction to [RIP] Manual. A link to it can be found in the main Recruiting Office forum.
  2. Get them to post in the board Recruit Enlistment area (Instructions for posting can be found in the forum itself) The title of the post should be the Recruits name.
  3. Sign off the Post with a reply and Lock the post.
  4. Get them to post in the board Introductions to introduce themselves to the clan. The title should be the Recruits name..
  5. 'Post a reply to your recruits Introduction post

Identity/Adding [RIP] Tags

  • Get the Recruit to add [RIP] tags to their Steam Profile Only and NOT to in-game settings, as this is preferred, but is not mandatory. Recruits and members do not have to wear our tags on their Steam profile, but :*[RIP] tags MUST be worn when playing on our servers
  • Make sure the Recruit understands that their name must be exactly the same on Steam, Forums, Teamspeak and Discord

Add Your Recruit to Teamspeak Recruit's Group

  • Now add them to the Recruits group in Teamspeak. This is done by right clicking their name in Teamspeak and selecting Set Server Group then selecting the Recruits [Perm] option as shown below. Note: The ability to assign server groups within Teamspeak is a privilege as a Recruitment Officer within RIP and as such, should not be abused.


Make Your Recruit Feel Welcome

Once they've been added to the Recruits group in Teamspeak:

  • Ensure they have no questions
  • try your best if possible to introduce your new Recruit to other members playing their chosen main game.
  • Thank them for choosing [RIP] and wish them a long service

Add Your Recruit To The RIP Recruit Sheet

  • Now that you've finished the Recruitment talk, add your new recruit to the RIP Recruit Sheet

On the RIP Recruit Sheet, add the Recruits name, your name, the date and the Recruits main game (Platoon). If no main game, mark entry "Other". Also, if known, add whether the Recruit intends on playing Casually or Competitively. If they have no main game (Platoon) but want to play all games equally, mark the last entry "TA/Casual" (TA=Territorial Army)


The "Private Message Status" Area is where you will keep track of each weekly Private Message sent to your Recruit and the response you receive, if any. Mark "Y" for YES when sent and "Y" "N" if reply received or not. Do this each week on the same day (preferably Sunday) for each Recruit you have.

Complete The Application

  • When you have completed the Recruit's enlistment, go back to their application and set the status to Accepted and Save. Once this is done, the application will disappear from view and be set to a "transfer" status for the ITG Commander/2IC to transfer to the Recruits roster.

  • If you were not able to complete a fundamental part of the enlistment process, refer to a SRO and set Status back as Pending. Also, add a note with your name and a date stamp.
Pending App.PNG

Stay in contact

  • Using our forums and Teamspeak, please try and stay in contact with your recruit and answer any questions they may have.
  • The weekly PM to each of your recruits goes along way to encourage them to become and stay active. Make them personal.
  • Report lack of response's to the Senior Recruitment Officer. (SRO)
  • Any issues regarding recruits need to be reported to a SRO or ITG Commander/2IC.
  • The Recruitment Officer's job ends when the new recruit has answered all PM's and is promoted to Private status