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This section lists the rules of the clan for members. This is what we expect from our members if you want to join.


  • This is what we are all here to have.
  • From time to time things may not go as you want, please refrain from over expressing yourself when this happens, as annoying or upsetting other members will not be tolerated. This includes the use of our voice program, forums, Steam group and Discord.
  • Respect is the key and this way we will all get along. Any problems that do come along and cannot be resolved on a one to one basis, of which I am sure there will be a few, refer to your Senior Officer for a solution.


  • We will take cheating as the most serious of all charges.
  • Any member that has an active ban from BE, VAC, PB etc. will be removed from the clan.
  • Any member caught cheating will be banned and reported to all relevant authorities.
  • Using in game glitches to your advantage will be classed as cheating, so if you know them, don't use them.
  • If you suspect a Public player of cheating, please inform an Admin. The Admin will then determine the outcome. Do not attempt to engage in a slagging contest with the in game messages. Remember that in order for our Ranked servers to be filled, we need the participation of public players, so fair play is important on our part.
  • This Rule will apply to members who play on other Clan servers, if we are provided with proof of an offence committed on another server we will serve you with a permanent ban.

Voice Comms

  • When you are playing on a [RIP] server, [RIP] members must be on our voice program. Not being on our voice program will get you kicked by the Admin.
  • You should ideally be in the channel for the server that you are playing on, with a few exceptions:
  • Other channels should only be used for specific things like training and even then it should be a sub-channel under the server channel.
  • There may be other cases when you are playing, but cannot make noise at home, a broken microphone and either a message after your name or use of the AFK channel will be accepted.
  • Being in the Bar if you want to chat (or game specific chat channel)
  • Platoon and/or meeting channels should not be used whilst gaming.
  • We are a mature Clan and expect our members to act accordingly, thus swearing is permitted. Again, remember to respect the other members in the same channel and do not over indulge in these activities. Refer to the rules on fun.
  • Push to Talk is compulsory for all members.


  • Please keep yourself up to date with the forums, as valuable information will be there.
  • We expect all members to post on the forums at least once a month this is to ensure that you are still with us.
  • Members who have not posted on the forums in a 30-day period will be placed in the MIA section of the roster and will lose their forum and voice program rights. A further 30-day period and they will be removed from the Clan. This is to ensure that we have an up to date Roster and genuine number of Clan members.


  • Currently, donations to [RIP] to help cover the costs of running our website and servers is totally voluntary. However, to encourage donations whenever possible 'perks' are offered to members who donate (see reserved slots).

Clan Tags

  • Whilst playing on the [RIP] servers, all members must wear their tags. If you don't wear them, do not complain when you are kicked.
  • We expect each member to be proud to wear the [RIP] tags and associate themselves with us, thus whilst playing on other servers we would like to see you wear them, although this is not compulsory.
  • If you are seen using tags other than [RIP] tags, you will be deemed as having left the clan and be booted with all access removed.

Game Play

  • We expect all [RIP] members to play fair and in a good manner at all times.
  • Each game we host will have its own specific game rules (So make sure you are up to date with them). What applies to the public players will apply to [RIP] members, no exceptions.
  • Members will not use the in-game message tool to abuse others, vent their frustration or accuse anyone of cheating. This behaviour will result in a ban.
  • If a server is full and you would like to join that game, call on an Admin and they will create a slot for you.

Server Rules

  • We expect all [RIP] members to follow the server rules.
  • Any [RIP] members found to be breaking the server rules will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Our server rules can be found here

Server Admin

  • All [RIP] members will have access to the Server Admin forums and thus will have admin rights on all [RIP] servers. This excludes recruits until they have passed their 28 days recruitment period.
  • Dependant on server/game, admin right may be slight into 2 categories. [RIP] members of a rank between PVT and CPL will have basic admin rights while members ranked SGT and above will have advanced admin rights.
  • Only Command Staff have access to the server control panel in order to start/stop/update the game servers.
  • Only Command Staff have access to the server FTP in order to edit game configuration files and adjust banned player lists.

Server Access

  • All [RIP] members including recruits can request a slot be made available on a [RIP] server whenever it is possible by the kicking or removing of a non-[RIP] member from the server by a Server Admin. [RIP] members should not be kicked from a [RIP] server to make room for another [RIP] member.

Reserved Slots

  • Dependant on server, reserved slots (or auto-join) will be made available to the following members:
    • Any member of the Command Staff in order they can perform Server Admin.
    • Any member of the game in questions' leadership (PL and PL2IC).
    • Any member who has donated funds greater than £1GBP in the past 3 months.

Family Members

  • [RIP] no longer allows family members due to changes in the DPA/GDPR.


  • If you are going to be away on holiday or an extended work deployment, please inform your Senior Officer. He will then place you in the Away on Leave section of this roster and will prevent you from being placed in the MIA section.
  • If you do find yourself in the MIA section (normally after forgetting to inform someone), please contact your Senior Officer and they will assist you in gaining your access back.

Leaving [RIP]

If you have decided the time to leave [RIP] has come for whatever reason then all we can say is have fun and good luck wherever you may end up and we will be sorry to see you leave. All we ask is that you let us know you are leaving and leave amicably.

Things to do and remember when leaving:

  • Post your resignation in the forum so that all know you have left so any admin and other rights can be removed.
  • Request access to 'Old Members' group to continue having access to this forum section through the usergroups function upon leaving, it is not given by default.

Things not to do when leaving:

  • Post anything deflamatory as all it will do is be removed and your account will be deactivated without hesitation.
  • Don't abuse your admin on the servers by banning people or trying to break the servers.
  • Start a new clan.
  • Try to recruit members into a new clan.

Breaking any of the above rules will automatically end up with you being permanently banned from the forums, servers and TS. If you leave amicably and you let us know that you are creating a new clan then we will temporary ban you for 30 days just to protect ourselves from similar issues that we have had in the past with sour members leaving. We would prefer to have everyone leave amicably and not end up with bad blood.

Rejoining [RIP]

If you have decided to rejoin [RIP] then if you left on good terms it is a simple process of posting in the 'Old Members' forum section and one of the RO's will set you back up.


  • Rules may change.
  • Members of [RIP] will have access to our standing orders forum.
  • Here the latest rule amendments and clarifications will be posted.
  • It is the responsibility of [RIP] members to keep themselves up to date with rules.