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Arma3 Units is a community website utility for displaying information about your community in-game with Arma3. The information displayed includes the community name and their logo/badge. [RIP] Rusty In Places has our own A3 Units site and below you will find instructions on how to join and set-up your game to show the correct information.

Apply to Join [RIP] Arma3 Units

First you will need to create an account with the BIS Arma3 website (if you have done so previously), this can be done by navigating to the following website:

Arma3 Units Page

Then scroll to the very top of this website and login/register your account.


Once logged in, you need to select "My Units".


Then you need to associate your BIS account with your STEAM account.


This will require you to log into Steam and may require a verification code via your email.

Then you will need to request access to the RIP Units via our forums, this is because the group is closed to members only. request access via this link, posting your username used to log in BI.

Activating Units within Arma 3

Finally, once accepted to the group, you need to active the group within Arma3. This is done in the A3 launcher by clicking on PARAMETERS and ticking the Arma3 Units box and selecting "Rusty In Places" from the drop down.

Arma launcher01.jpg

Now once you are in-game, you will have the [RIP] patch on your arm and details under players on the map.