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For members to get the [RIP] logo on your arm, vehicles and respective platoon tag on your name you need to follow the steps below.

It is a requirement for all members to have this added when on our servers.

This is the same requirement as per clan tags.

Information required from you

To add your details to the squad xml, the following information must be posted in this thread to allow it to be added to our squad xml hosting.

<member id="" nick="">

Explanation of sections

id Your ArmA-UID, always the same and irrespective of your selected character
nick Character Name, the same as used with your selected character, this is case sensitive
name Clan name
email leave as N/A
icq leave as N/A
remark leave as N/A


The id and nick must be identical to what you have on your profile for the game, to get this information go to your profile and select edit and copy the relevant information highlited below in the graphic.

Getting the details

Once the game is started:

  • Select Configure
  • Select Profile


  • Select the correct Profile
  • Copy the PLAYER NAME exactly and enter into the field nick
  • Copy the PLAYER ID into the field id
  • Select the button EDIT


  • Add the correct squad URL to your profile

Razorbacks Squad XML

Squad URL:

Command Squad XML

Squad URL:

Warthogs Squad XML

Squad URL:
  • Select APPLY


Post details

Post the completed details into the thread

Example post

<member id="76561197986729846" nick="[RIP]BearBison">
	<remark>We are recruiting over 18s - Check us out</remark>

Checking it works

After your details have been added to the squad xml you can check that it is working when you are in-game by:

  • Entering the map, default key m
  • Select Players
  • Select Your player

Behind your name you should see the squad tag after your name, the logo and other details in the panel.



If you do not see this then check:
  • Name is exact as per game, including Uppercase (Capitals) and lowercase characters and spaces
  • ID number is correct
  • The URL entered is the correct one and NO spaces at the end

If any issues are found repost the details