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This page will cover how to use the Firedaemon Control Panel to Stop, Start, Update and Swap configs (if available) on our servers.


This is only available to Command Staff

Login Details

To get to the URLs and login details, see the post in the Command Staff Admin area of the forums.

Accessing the Firedaemon Control Panel

This section will cover how to access and login to the Firedaemon Control Panel

Insecure Connection Warning

On first accessing the Firedaemon Control Panel URL from your web browser, you will be presented with warnings about the certificate as we use self-signed certificates.

  • Ensure that the IP addresses match our Firedaemon Control Panel URL
  • Select the Advanced button

  • Again ensure that the IP addresses match our Firedaemon Control Panel URL
  • Select the Add Exception... button

  • Again ensure that the IP address match our Firedaemon Control Panel URL
  • Select the checkbox Permanently store this exception (saves having to go through these first steps everytime this page is accessed)
  • Select the Confirm Security Exception button


  • Enter the username and password
  • Select the Login button


There are two types of services that are available to control:

  • FireDaemon Services, which allows control of the game servers, specifically:
  • Starting
  • Stoping
  • Restarting
  • Updating
  • Swapping configurations
  • System Servics, which allows control of specific services on the dedicated server:
  • FTP Server
  • Starting
  • Stoping
  • Restarting


Start, Stop or Restart a server

To Start, Stop or Restart a server, follow the steps below:

  • Select the services tab required
  • Select the checkbox next to the relevant server
  • Select either the Start, Stop or Restart button as required

Updating Servers

If the servers have updaters available you can update them easily through the control panel


  • The game server MUST be stopped prior to running the updater
  • ONLY run one updater at a time
  • Select the FireDaemon Services tab
  • Check to ensure that the server you wish to update is STOPPED

  • Select the check-box for the correct Updater
  • Select the Start button

  • Select the Refresh button until the Updater returns to the status Stopped

  • Select the check-box for the Game Server
  • Select the Start button
  • Play the game to test the updating worked correctly

Swapping Server Configs

Some of the server have multiple configurations that can be run depending upon requirements


ENSURE that only ONE instance of a server is running at a time

  • Select the checkbox for the running server configuration
  • Select the Stop button
  • Select the checkbox for the server configuration that is required
  • Select the Start