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BattleMetrics is a rcon based service that tracks online multiplayer servers and provides detailed information to both players and server admins. This tutorial will teach you, how to use this web tool to admin our servers (SQUAD and ARMA) easier and faster.

Login details

To get login details, please follow this link (future topic) and post your email to get invite.

Setting up an account

This part will walk you through accepting the invite to organisation and creating an account.

Accepting the invite

Before creating an account you should go to your email and check for mail from battlemetrics. Open it and follow the link.


Signing in with steam

After you have followed the link from mail, you will need to create an account, best thing is, to sign in with steam account.

  • Click on sign in through steam and then enter you login details and login in.
Login steam.png

After that you will need to accept the invite .

Accept invite.png


Before using the Battlemetrics, you need to go back to your mail inbox and follow the new link from new email and confirm your account.

Main Page

After you have logged in, you will get this page .

Main page.png

Small head icon is account settings. There you can change your password, email, alerts and other personal stuff. Last button log off button.

Other buttons will be explained separately.

Adding server to favourites and server stats

As you can see from main page you can go in servers list and list Arma and Squad servers. When you go to squad you can see that our server is ranked first.


When you select our server, you can connect to server by clicking on connect button, you can go directly to rcon this server or you can set this server as your favourite one. Once you clicked favourite server, that server will be shown on home page for you on

Favourite server.png

When you click on our server you can also see detailed statistic of server.

Server stats.png


Click on RCON button thats in top right corner near account settings and shutdown button.


When you click rcon you will get this screen, called dashboard, where all of our organisation's servers are listed. You can adjust all the windows in that dashboard, make some server's windows bigger, some smaller, move them and do some fast broadcast messages and admining when needed.



Right now due to limited rcon plugin from devs, activity doesnt show that much as it should, when they add chat support, activity will be really useful thing to admin the servers. We will update the tutorial later for that .


In this window,you can see all the bans of the organisation. This bans are not really in game bans, because right now rcon doesnt support export option. These are called Battlemetrics bans, you can ban people here easily and with more options then the game allows, you can select more identifiers for bans, more preset for time bans and type resons and lots of other things. But CS staff will later need to export these bans manually to bans.cfg. Later in this tutorial it will be explained how to do battlemetrics ban and how to do proper squad ban. The good thing about battlemetrics ban, is that it works when someone disconnected from the server before you could have banned him. Because right now the game doesnt support banning people that are not on the server. So those that run off that fast will not be forgotten.



Players window is useful when searching for players. You can input they are ip, name, steamid and guid . Its really useful for tracking people .



Last window there is the main one,where you can select which server you want to admin at that moment. When you have selected the server, you will see this window.


On the left you can see all the players on the server, their scores, how much time they are on server already. All the infos and flags for them, you also use quick admin tool by click on arrow besides their name. On the right you can see who is connecting and disconnecting from server and also activity of other admins on battlemetrics, and in future you will see chat log as i said before. Bottom right you can see your name and also small window where you can type broadcast message.


Player Flags

Player flags will help you with admining the server, by showing up on which player you need to pay attention. Right now there are only 2 flags and those are:

  • If someone have a ban from other game on steam
Ban hammer.png
  • If someone has a vac ban
Vac ban.png
  • Also you can see if someone is for the first time on the server.
First time.png


More flags will be added by Battlemetrics in the coming weeks.

Quick admin tool

By clicking on that downed arrow , you will open quick admin tool for actions against that player. You can open his profile, you can kick him, you can ban him using battlemetrics ban or using proper in game Squad ban.

Player options.png

By clicking view more information, profile of that player will open. There you can see player's information: Vac bans, previous bans, game bans, Economy (steam marketplace) bans and community bans. You can see his activity logs and all his identifiers. Also you can see in admin logs ,all actions against this player from history.

Player profile.png
  • In the bottom of profile you can see notes box, where you add notes for other admins, such as: Keep an eye out for this player, possible hacker....
  • When you click on public profile, you will get window where it shows all previous servers where that player was and also how much time he spent there.
Public profile.png
  • By clicking on bell icon, you can set up an alert, that will inform you by sending you an email or sms if possible (you set your number and everything in account settings as explained before) when that guy shows up on server.

By clicking add ban battlemetrics system ban window will open. There, as explained you will add organisation ban that later on CS staff will need to export. Use this if possible when guy that you wanted to ban left the server before you could have banned him. Here you can select how long will the ban last, reasons, time stamp, and also incorporate all the identifiers.

Org ban 1.png
Org ban 2.png

By clicking add Squad ban you will ban that player instantly. Use this when that guy is still in the game. Same thing goes with time preset.

Squad ban.png

By clicking kick player you will kick the player. You just need to state the reason before kicking.

Server Commands

Lastly ,when you select server commands, depending if you are junior or senior admin you will have different options. Here you can see all the options availabe to senior admin.

Server commands.png