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Rusty In Places is a multi-national, multi-gaming, fun clan formed in 2006. A great number of our members have come into RIP due to the demise of their gaming associations, regrettable in itself, however they have come looking for the stability and camaraderie that exists in RIP.

The Clan was formed in December 2006, and was founded by a group of 12 friends, mainly European, with all the skill sets required to get great servers up and running quickly. The public engaged in the servers, and enjoying the way that they were run and adminned quickly began putting in application posts in our forums. RIP expanded exponentially, at great speed, both in Europe and the United States. More servers were allocated as the ranks grew, and by mid 2007 we were running a colossal 20 gaming servers. These included Medal Of Honour (Pacific Assault), Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty 2, And Counter Strike Source, all on RIP dedicated server boxes. As the clan expanded so did the server listing, and we have run every major game release since then, ranging from Call Of Duty 4 and World at War, through Team Fortress 2, Live for Speed, Guild Wars, EVE Online, and a plethora of other titles.

Currently the majority of our servers are running either Squad or ArmA3. We are always abreast of the latest developments in the gaming community, and are constantly dynamic in our server setup, according to the wants of the members. As such we periodically run old games for a night or few with some older titles that the members wish to play such as Armed Assault, BF2. BF2142, CoD2, FFoW, MoH Series to name a few.

The Clan is always willing to accept new members. We have an entire section, namely the ITG (Initial Training Group), who will deal with any applications and be a point of reference for anyone wishing to join the clan. Whether it is your first foray into Internet Gaming or whether you are a hardened elitist, RIP can offer you everything that you will ever need in a Clan. The people are welcoming and friendly, the forums are jovial and lively, the advice that can be given on software / hardware issues is second to none, and Friday nights, should you be of that persuasion, offer some of the best comedy gaming nights you could ever hope for, washed down with whatever your particular poison is. There are internal competitions, based within certain games, though aside from the main format of game play, in the form of Fight Club. The various games also play friendly matches against various other clans. We have an Academy section, where you can learn new and advanced skills in your chosen game from any one of a number of experts.

Above all we have secured a place in this digital age where like-minded people get together and have fun. The camaraderie and friendship is what makes RIP one of the best places to be for a total gaming experience. We will continue to grow, due to the structure we have and the democracy that exists. Once you join RIP very few people don’t enjoy their time.

If you feel that your current home or lack of one is driving you to despair, contact any one of the Command Staff, by visiting the Roster and dropping them a PM.

We can perhaps give you what you want and what you need to enjoy your gaming experience to the full.

Through the hard work and dedication of its members RIP has grown into what it has today. People have given up their own spare time, gaming time, to continue to build this great clan of friends. We would like to extend our thanks to all that have participated in this growth, with some special mentions going out to the members we have lost through unconnected issues, you know who you are.

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